About Us

The BeadingCrush story started sometime in 2008, my Sister brought home some beads she bought and for the first time I picked the colorful beads and made a Neck length of Right angle weaving with no supervision hence the passion started.

Ideas were conceived; I sketch them down and later make the designs with beads. Over the years, I have made a lot of Beaded Neck-pieces, earrings, bracelets, Bead Cuff-links and beaded sandals for friends and me.

In 2014, I wrote a book on beading titled ‘101 Guide to Beading and Wireworks’. The book attracted a lot of attention from both public and private sector, and corporate bodies and private individuals. With the book as a resource material, we kicked off a beading training scheme and conducted several beading trainings.

At the end of the training, a starter pack containing the resource book and some materials for beading and wire-works was handed over to each participant.

We have been able to follow up on most of the participants and I am excited how some of them are making livelihoods from the skill. The experience gained in all the trainings have motivated me to publish a second book titled “‘BEADERs’ LOOKBOOK: A step by step Guide to Beading” as well as conduct more trainings Online via our main website: www.beadingcrush.com and Facebook page/ YouTube channel: beadingcrush in order to reach other young women/bead Artists grossly distributed in various regions.

It has been the most personally rewarding experience I have known to work with and train so many smart, talented and fun people and to see how we’ve grown as individuals as well as a company.

Now, BeadingCrush sells the beading materials, tutorials and Jewelry each day to beading hobbyists and jewelry makers that find us reliable and our beadworks unique.

Anytime, any day we will be happy to serve you and It means the world to us that we can serve you.

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